Wednesday, October 1, 2014

INEBRIATION (Inception Parody/Spoof)

"Inbriation" is a mock trailer created by Atomic Productions parodying the concept of Inception. Drinking alcoholic drinks leads to unknown paths.

This is a must for every Fan of Inception!

"Give him the Kick"

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Mortal Combat fan movie "shadows of deception"

Mortal Combat is one of my favorites.

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Street Fighter Assassin's

Ken vs Ryu in a classical street fight scene!

A company called Machinima did a 12 episode series covering the origin story of Ken and Ryu of the Street Fighter video game series.

The series was sponsored by Honda and the makers of this series did an excellent job with it. The acting, story and Martial Arts choreography were all quite good.

Easter eggs abound in this 12 episode series! Any fan of the video game series should keep a sharp eye and ear out for these little nuggets!

Go watch this series it is "a good one".

Predator Fan Film (Hunting Season Fan Film)

2007: A special team of mercenaries was assigned by an FBI organisation to search for an extraterrestrial form of life in the jungle of Guatemala.

Based on events previously documented they knew the creature could only see one light spectrum... infra-red.

The team was equipped with special micro chips which interfere with the creature's vision and therefore made the team invisible to the creature.

There was only one survivor.